A crisis of Confidence…

So yesterday I was struggling with the idea of identity.

In Second Life I am known as Gracie Kendal. Face Book, Gracie Kendal- Twitter, Gracie Kendal- Myspace, Gracie Kendal- LinkedIn, Gracie Kendal….

Where do you draw the line between RL representation and SL representation? As an artist in RL, I upload my works to Second Life and sell digital virtual copies of my work. I use SL to help get my work out there to a worldwide audience. No one can deny that SL is wonderful for that. But where is the line drawn for crossing over into RL? I applied for the MA in painting Fall of 2008. When I first approached the painting professors with my art and artist statement. They said, one thing that drew me to them, was Second Life. Would I have been accepted on my art ability alone? How long do I use my SL persona and the idea of SL to promote my art? I am going to apply for my MFA February 5th, and I am worried that if I get accepted it will be on the basis of SL. That my art won’t be able to stand alone without it. Especially in the contemporary established artworld that I am trying to break into. How do I incorporate SL into my artist statement. My art hasn’t necessarily been about SL, although my most recent works, come from the emotional rollar coaster that I have gone through from my experiences in SL. How do I put that in my artist statement. I am challenging myself to use SL more IN my art, rather than for my art.

How do I use the social networking tools out there to promote both Gracie Kendal and Kristine Schomaker?

Ugh!!!  I am overwelmed with these thoughts. Trying to make some sense.

I’d love your comments, advice and help, since most of you can understand where I am coming from.

Thank you so so much.

I look forward to hearing from you :)))

One thought on “A crisis of Confidence…

  1. Gracie,
    Honestly, when I see your SL paintings, the first thing I want to do is see the real painting that you scanned into SL. Your art stands alone in TAW (the actual world) just fine. All you do in SL is upload copies of it. That is different than someone who is a “SL artist” primarily, which means that their art would be created within the Second Life environment, and may not exist at all outside of that plane of existence.

    Do you see the difference? We can email each other more about this if you’d like. Send me some questions, and I’ll help you out!

    And, let there be no doubt, your paintings are very much “the real deal.” You are a very gifted artist with an amazing vision. Do not doubt that.

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