What lies beneath…

Gracie- Where have you been?

Kris- I’ve been here, where have you been?

Gracie- I’ve been here too. Apparently we have missed each other.

Kris- Awwww, you missed me? Thanks.

G- Well that’s not what I meant, but yea, I guess I did.

K- Thanks.

G- So where have you been? You haven’t talked to me in a couple days.

K- Yea, I know. I worked 4 12 hour days in a row at the hospital and yesterday just wasn’t up to it.

G- Well that’s when you really NEED to talk to me. Maybe I can help.

K- I wish you could, but I don’t think so. I have just been feeling miserable, physically.

G- Ahhhh, well yea, I can’t really help much there. Accept to say, be sure to take care of yourself.

K- Yea, I’m trying to.

G- So what is new? I know you had a critique in class last night, how did it go?

K- Oh it was pretty good actually. Very intense, for me at least. I could feel myself shaking a little bit, but it’s pretty personal and difficult content I am dealing with so of course I am going to feel strongly about it.

G- So what did you guys talk about?

K- Well actually, someone thought that maybe you are being objectified.

G- Oh really??? Hmmmmm. I don’t think I am. Do you?

K- No, I don’t either. But we had a discussion about what that kinda means in real life as well as second life. The idea came across that women who are beautiful, thin etc, are always galked at, looked at, gazed upon and that that is a bad thing and maybe they aren’t taken seriously.

G- Hmmm well I can kinda see that. But isn’t the same true for people who are overweight?

K- Yes, exactly. Someone else brought up the Tyra Banks show where she dressed in a fat suit. She found out that people who are overweight are also not taken seriously. They are pre-judged and looked down upon. The movie “Shallow Hal” was brought up too. I need to watch that again actually.

G- Yea, isn’t that how you feel.

K- Yea, in a way. I think that is a part of it for me. Maybe it’s my experience, but I equate being overweight with not having as fulfilling a life as I want.

G- Hmmmmm.

K- Well, not that I want to be married per se, but I am still single. I have dated, yes, they never last very long. That just reinforces to me that I am not attractive enough.

G- I don’t think that is true. I  mean come on, the guys you have dated have had issues of their own. For whatever reason. I think you were too good for them.

K- Well, I always say, it’s their loss, but still. Why wasn’t I good enough. Why not me?

G- Do you think living a fulfilling life has anything to do with having a partner?

K- No, not entirely. I think it’s different for everyone. But I feel that that is the one thing I am missing. I think intimacy is an amazing part of life. Everyone needs to be held, comforted and loved. I was thinking that I haven’t even had a good hug from anyone in a while. Which led me to missing my dad a lot.

G- Yea, I know. Me too. If you want to take a minute to cry, I’ll still be here.

K- Thx.


2 thoughts on “What lies beneath…

  1. G, and I write to G because we live in the same world, people are judged upon appearance and looked at, no matter what they look like, men and women. For men, height is often a discriminating factor…..most CEOs are over 6 feet tall. That’s partly why we are all so tall in SL. Women in business and politics who meet their culture’s definition of beauty will often tone down the attraction and sensuality aspects of their appearance to NOT distract from their serious message. Appearance consultants help with this all the time. So, the bottom line, we are all primates and primate behavior will often govern our interactions, even in our virtual world. It’s the role of the artist to help us see ourselves differently, or more clearly. Go, Gracie! Go, Vaneeesa!

    Seasprite Destiny

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