Scents and Sensibility…

Kris- So I see you have been wearing the same clothes for a little while now…

Gracie- Yea? So what of it? Do I stink?

Kris- Hmmmm not that I can tell, but, well, here’s the thing…  it may hurt your chances with a perspective beau.

Gracie- Ohhhhh, hadn’t thought of that.  Hmmmmm. But, if I don’t stink, then what does it matter? Don’t you remember it’s not what’s on the outside that counts, but whats on the inside… Or so they say.

Kris- Hmm I wonder who did say that. I still don’t believe it.

Gracie- Yea, I know you don’t. You still have a lot to work on!!

Kris- Yea, Yea. I’ll start on the 1st.

Gracie- Uh huh.. How many years have I heard that?? *rolls eyes*

3 thoughts on “Scents and Sensibility…

  1. I wonder. How much does it matter how often our avatars change outfits? Does it matter to other people? I spend hours changing clothes on my avatar – is it necessary or am I just playing dress-up with a Barbie doll? Is it only necessary to me? Maybe that is an important enough reason to do it.

    • Yea, I was never into clothes as much in SL. I have a few outfits that I love to wear and that’s about it. Funny though, I am like that in RL too. Although I can never afford to go out and buy a lot of clothes anyway. And maybe if I fit into more clothes it would be different. Well maybe not, since I don’t do it in SL. Hmmm interesting. Anyway, I don’t know if it matters much at all in SL. I have some guy friends who are always in the same outfit too. So who knows… LOL I do really appreciate all the people who are sooo into fashion though. Love looking at those blogs, and wish I was into it more, but just am not. Oh well. 🙂

  2. I have enjoyed seeing both you and Gracie, I’m just a man, lol, but I like both of you. And when I roam around as Herne in SL I like him too. I understand the avatar as a real alt to myself. I’m in medicine myself so hearing about your ER job strikes chords of memory for me.
    I see you painting and then see the art and I’m blown away. How neat can you be. I wish I had that sort of talent.
    Herne has only a few outfits too, Goth, Business, Laid back and a few shirts. Favorites.

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