Kris: It seems like I’m always working… While Gracie is always exploring… Who lives the better life?

Gracie: Yea, I think I do have the better end of the deal here. Just catching up with my great friend Micah from Pennsylvania. I mean how cool is that to chat with friends from all over the world. I know one day you’ll meet Micah too.

Kris: Yea, absolutely!! I’m so proud and very lucky to know him in any reality.

Gracie: So did you get sick walking in the rain? I mean it looks awfully cold. I am pretty lucky, don’t have to worry about getting sick or cold.

Kris: Yea, but can you feel the lovely, sensuous tickle of the rain as it softly touches your body? Hmmm I think not.

Gracie: No, but I was able to travel to Immersiva and experience Bryn Oh’s amazing installation. Did you? Oh yea, I guess you did too… Hmmmmm I have to think about this. Should I be jealous of you?

4 thoughts on “Jealousy??

  1. Without doubt it is Kris that leads the better life. Without Kris, there is no Gracie. Kris is Gracie and Gracie is Kris; therefore it is Kris that is exploring, Kris that is meeting and friending people from around the world.

    Without Kris, Gracie is no artist because it isn’t Gracie’s art, it’s Kris’ art.

  2. No Contest. Kris is the only life. Gracie can’t exist without Kris. Kris is whole without Gracie. (She just doesn’t know it)

  3. Kris, I am behind the times. This was my first reading of a blog.
    I have enjoyed reading your conversation with your SL. We are just getting to know each other, but I know that I like Kris better than Gracie. Gracie can be a bit critical of Kris. But once Gracie’s body changed she seemed less critical. So now I like Gracie better than before.
    I don’t know if this is helpful, or what a blog is supposed to be but I wanted to comment on the word “happy”. I believed in Happily Ever After, until I got married. Now I think in terms of moments of “joy”. There is less expectation related to “joy” than for being “happy”. This may or may not fit for you. I would like to know when you are showing your art work. Thank you for letting me read this. Jan

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