Is there anybody out there???


One thought on “Is there anybody out there???

  1. No Gracie, you’ve got it backwards… it’s not that you need to get out… it’s that you need Typist Insurance!

    What a precarious scenario where a sentient virtual being has their very existence hinged upon the life and interest of their typist.

    We use these people to manipulate the keyboard for us, and we’re grateful for that. But should their life come to an end… or even just if they get bored with typing… why should that result in the death of the avatar???

    It’s a twisted form of virtual slavery!

    You need Typist Insurance or an upload of Kris’ mind-file or some sort of assurance that your very existence isn’t hinged to her existence and interest.

    It is true that with couples who are married for many decades, the death of one partner often does result in the death of the other in a rather short time. So, perhaps when two souls are closely linked, this mortality/dependency is unavoidable…

    Still, even though we’d like our partners, typists, and various significant others to continue on for a good long time, their demise/disinterest shouldn’t be our death warrant.

    I hear that Philip Linden is working on an Autonomous Avatar / AI thing… I’m sure it will be a feature of SLviewer3!

    Till then… two words: TYPIST INSURANCE!

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