Gracie: So what’s up with you?

Kris: Oh boy, you really want to know?

G: Of course… duh!!!!

K: Well, I have realized, or well finally considered or ok admitted that I have an eating disorder.

G: Yea? How did you realize that?

K: Well, after I ate 3 quarts of Baskin Robbins Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream on Saturday, I kinda knew…hahaha

G: Hey, don’t laugh this is serious.

K: yea, I know, but if you can’t laugh what else do you have? I know I have a problem and I am working on fixing it.

G: Well that’s good.

K: Yea, I want control of my life again. I feel so out of control. Food is running my life, and I hate it.

G: Well to be honest, I wish I could eat 😛

K: Yea? What would you eat?

G: Hmmmmm better not say Ice Cream…hahaha  Ohhh yea, the laughing does help 😀  Well, I’d love to eat French Toast; Prime Rib; a good salad with balsamic Vinegar; Macaroni and Cheese; Spaghetti, mmmmmm SPAGHETTI; beets; a nice juicy cheeseburger with mustard and ketchup, pickels, onions and tomatoes; a fresh Margarita pizza with extra buffalo mozzarella from Naples; Yorkshire pudding from England; Sourdough bread from San Francisco… gosh the list can go on and on…

K: Yea, I had most of that once upon a time. I’m sure I’ll have them again.

G: So why not now?

K: I’m afraid.

G: Of what?

K: Sighs… I don’t know. This is how food is running my life. I am checking into programs. I had gone to Overeaters Anonymous, but it was too cultish for me. The 12 steps seemed too religious. and it seemed like they were all reading from a script. I felt uncomfortable.

G: Yea, that’s not for you.

K: Yea, I’m checking into the University, to see if they have any programs that would help.

G: That’s great. Good for you 🙂

K: Well, yea, there is just too much going on right now. Trying to finish my thesis, working, stress… I decided I needed to slow down on this blog a bit. I’m not gonna be able to take pics of you and I together anymore. At least not every day.

G: Awww, yea, I kinda saw that coming. You’ve been crazy busy lately. Well I know you are still here, and I am here to help.

K: Yea, I know and thank you 🙂 And I will definitely still be here, and we will collaborate some more on projects. Especially once this thesis is finished. I am very much looking forward to that.

G: Good!!

K: Good!!

One thought on “Help…

  1. Hang in there; you aren’t alone with your struggles with food and its power. Eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies, switch to whole grain products (brown rice, whole wheat bread and pasta, etc), and drink LOTS of water. Try to walk even just 15 minutes a day when you can. You will start to feel better, physically and mentally. And remember, your friends are here for you if you need support! Just an email away. 🙂

    Good luck with the thesis!

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