I have a wart on my nose

I have a wart on my nose.

Do you see it? Probably not.
I see it because I look at myself every day.
I stare in the mirror, maybe obsessing… always thinking about my faults, my imperfections, Where is my beauty?
Why can’t I look past the wart?
Why do I project my feelings of inadequacy, of insecurity, of lack of self confidence on every one I meet.
They won’t like me because I’m fat, because I am not attractive, because I have crossed eyes, because I have a big nose, because I have a wart.

They won’t like me. They won’t like me. They won’t like me.
And if they do, what then?



3 thoughts on “I have a wart on my nose

  1. OMG – if they like you, you will have to take a closer look at yourself, and realize that you ARE likable, warts and all. A very scary proposition, my friend.

  2. Did you know that when I met him your brother was almost bald. He had/ has a huge mole on his nose and a wart on his hand that he is constantly battling to get rid of one day. He has almost no chin and wears glasses most of the time. 14 years ago I fell completely in love with him and all of his completly unimportant “flaws”. He is/ was funny, smart, knew the next line of every song and movie I loved, was great in bed (sorry), and pretty much perfect in EVERY way! Since then we have both gained weight and aged and grown and changed… but guess what… I love him more today than the day I fell in love with him. The way a person looks might peak first interest in a person, but it is never what makes you fall in love with them. By the way, I have known you for 14 years now and I never noticed you have a wart on your nose.

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