Gracie as the real girl

I still get asked why Gracie smokes. I don’t smoke in RL. I never have, never will.

But for Gracie to smoke, without the smell or the taste, only the action, I believe it makes her less perfect and more human.


One thought on “Gracie as the real girl

  1. I sometimes get guff from folks who ask my my avatar smokes.

    I have to remind them that:

    – It’s an avatar. Smoke does not hurt avatars
    – It’s a robot. Smoke does not hurt robots, avatars or not.
    – A robot that smokes is kinda silly
    – Secondhand smoke from an avatar won’t hurt you. Unless you mash your face against the screen repeatedly. Which in itself is kinda dumb, right?
    – If you think the avatar is some kind of role model, talk to Charles Barkley.
    – Or, I suppose, a robot that looks like Charles Barkley.
    – A robot avatar of Charles Barkley? Now you’re being silly.


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