Can Gracie Kendal gain weight???

What would happen if Gracie gains weight???

The pictures above are actually Gracie on the left and my avatar, Kris Schomaker on the right. I created Kris as a representation of my real life self because I just couldn’t/wouldn’t change Gracie to be like me in real life.

Someone asked me the other day, why can’t you make Gracie more like yourself?



That is a very good question. Would Gracie’s personality change, if she was overweight? Would her art? Would her friends think differently of her?

I have always said that Gracie is an ideal representation of me. Gracie is who I would like to be. Yes, people have gotten mad at me and asked, why??? “She is a cartoon.” “She is too thin.”

But, Gracie is me. She is the skin that I am most comfortable being in. Especially when people look down on me in the real world for being overweight. Or they don’t look at me at all, which is even worse. I shouldn’t have to lose weight to please everyone else. That is just ridiculous. But I know I can’t change people too.

Now what???


7 thoughts on “Can Gracie Kendal gain weight???

  1. That is an interesting question. As you know I did the opposite thing. I started off fat like me and then made a thinner one as I started to lose weight. Wow. She not only acted totally different, in my head she has a different voice! She acts like skinny me which I had totally forgotten existed and wow was I fun!

    Now I’ve caught up to the smaller avi and need an even smaller one to guid me to my next, final, goal…the problem is that I don’t want Phoenix any smaller. I like her thw way she is now. Which means I should like the way I look now, doesn’t it?


    I’m wondering how the new, emaciated Phoenix will look and act and if I will hate it, and what inpact that will have on my own body image…

  2. meh – real life and virtual life while they may have similarities still have their differences. Why should you try to fit the cookie cutter moulds that some people expect you to be in?

    you may as well just bitch back at them saying “I can be whatever damn well I want to be!”

    I for one am not an anthro-based cheetah/feline type character in real life – but in second life It feels bloody awesome to be my own style!

    Can’t handle coughing up cat’s hairballs? Then stop licking me!!!

  3. If you like or love Gracie the way she is, don’t change her. You can be whatever you want in sl, who cares what the others say, in all reality. I look at Kris, though, and I think: now there’s a woman who has character, personnality, and self-confidence… more so than Gracie, and that’s from examining their appearances only. What do I take from this? We all judge, even when we try not to.

  4. I agree with Sophia. Gracie represents the inner you and that`s great. Look like whatever you feel like looking, not what people tell you to look like. Both RL and SL. However, to be honest, in the picture she looks a little anorectic and I`ve never ever thought of Gracie that way, before now. Must be because she is standing next to Kris and girl, do Kris look gourgeous or what! Please don`t be offended, but Gracie looks dehydrated and hungry and Kris looks like a Peter Paul Ruben woman. She looks strong, healthy and fertile. Being superskinny is highly overestimated. No ass to sit on, ppl almost throwing food at you, every clothing you put on just hangs there, you look like a clotheshanger, people always commenting your skinnyness, cause being skinny seems to be a public matter to some. If I were a guy I`d definitely go for the curvy girls! Anyway, it shouldn`t really matter what you look like or how you chose to presentate your self. Be skinny, curvy, tiny, big, whatever makes you happy is the right thing for you.

  5. I like realistic avatars more then the barbie model like giants.
    When I look at the pictures above I immediately liked the one on the right more.
    My sim is build scale 1:1 so everyone is a lot shorter then average in SL anyway, but my avatar is also based on what I look like in RL.

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