Why is Gracie smoking again???

Yes, Gracie is smoking again!! Was it peer pressure, advertising or stress? No, actually… well not really. It is the idea that I can’t live my life caring what people think of me. One of the things I am working through is always worrying about how people see me. I hold so much inside because I don’t want to be seen as too emotional or mean or bitchy or unstable or sad. I have an eating disorder which is in part because I hold too much in. In the real world, Ice cream is my drug of choice. I don’t smoke or drink or do drugs… but I am not perfect. I have a problem with food. I am working through it with counseling and support groups, it is working, slowly.

Now smoking in Second Life, is not really smoking. I mean come on, you can’t get cancer from it. (And trust me, I have friends who have passed away from cancer and others who are fighting for their lives right now). You can’t smell the smoke of cigarette’s nor step on butts in second life. Smoking, here, in second life, is a way to say that despite the beautiful pixelated bodies, skins, hair, clothes, lives that we have here, I, Gracie and Kris, am not perfect.

And it doesn’t matter.


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