How much do you weigh?

How much do you weigh? Why is this such a harsh question? Why do people get so defensive when being asked? I know the general reasons of course, but I am looking deeper. Why is this number so important? And why is it so hard to share it freely? My good friend Qwis just shared a blog post about our weight;  “How much do you weigh?” She thought I would really understand  and ‘get’ it. And I do.

Enough already. There’s far too much energy expended on diets and appearance, energy we could use to enjoy our lives.

I totally agree!!!!

The post goes on to ask., Why is real weight such a taboo? This brings back the same old question, why do looks matter so much over intellect and personality?

This has happened to me a couple times now. I was at a party recently. I was talking to a nice guy having a great conversation. My friend, a cute, thin woman came back from the restroom and joined in the conversation. All of a sudden I didn’t exist. The guy, barely looked at me. Even though I was working it with intelligent conversation and my witty personality (hehe), I hardly had a glance from him.  I notice this a lot. When I am in a group of younger, more attractive women, I am the last one that guys look at. It doesn’t matter how confident and ‘pretty’ I am feeling.

While I am still struggling with the balance between becoming self confident and being comfortable in my own skin versus the ideal of beauty that is so socially distorted in society, I am standing up for the women out there who are still afraid to show their true selves and who also struggle every day with dieting, weighing in, calorie counting, excessive exercise and plastic surgery.

4 thoughts on “How much do you weigh?

  1. we are …what we think we are. Even though we think only some struggle with personal appearance, truth is WE ALL do, skinny, fat or the new term ‘Skinny Fat’ haaa…..we feel a certain way. Some people get it, some people don’t. Truth is men/Women…are attracted to ‘porportion’…not size…not weight…Hour Glass fiigures, be Big or Small, are the thing even infants are attracted to, that and angular features. It’s bred in us. But, despite that, how do you really feel about yourself? THat’s the key. Shallow attracts shallow. Deep attracts deep……LIKE attracts like…..we are what we eat, we are what we surround ourselves wiith…and no SIZE is imp….HEALTH is imp. Health. Health. Not size. Are bigger people healthier? NO….are skinny people Healthier? NO……’s your BMI, iti’s your bones, it’ s your happiness. The guy who you didn’t think noticed you, may be shallow…tha’ts my thought…..not YOU. But you…have to be healthy and if you are, who cares what your bones look like with your skin on them……or your skin on top of bones…either way….be healthy…be you, be happy 🙂

  2. Invisibility: happens to older women too, and sometimes  to married women. My mother has been rudely ignored and I have certainly been treated similarly as wifey. It’s pretty soul-crushing and I wonder how otherwise normal people justify their behavior to themselves (like that “nice” guy at the party)? When did it become acceptable to treat anyone like that?

  3. Well i admit my weight is 220 pounds….. i mean really its not like people can’t tell i’m fat with out me telling them i number…… and the only ones who have a right to judge or rather discuss my weight are me and my Doctor…. my husband loves and accepts me no matter what ….. and that is what really matters….. i do have inner struggles with my weight issues…… but that is my issue…. anyone other than me & my Doctor that has issues with my weight has problems……

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