Fat and Fucking by Rebecca Jorden

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Fat and fucking by Rebecca Jorden

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–Love your body.
If you love someone, you put up with their shortcomings and try to do things to make them happy. You care about their health and their safety, and their quality of life. Loving your body doesn’t mean that you have to think your body is perfect. It doesn’t even mean that you have to make peace with your body. But if you want to do sexy stuff, you and your body need to be on the same team. On some level you have to have goodwill towards your body; if you hate your flesh, you’ll probably find ways to punish or ignore it. You will never allow good things to happen to it.

There are some fat people out there for whom positive body image comes naturally, and others who have fought hard for years to shed the shackles of body negativity. Most of us still struggle with various degrees of body shame, denial of our physical selves, and/or hang-ups and insecurities about our appearance. All those emotional struggles are also common to people who don’t identify as fat, and they can be incredibly daunting battles for anyone.

The most useful thing I have learned about loving oneself and one’s body is to start small. Don’t try to brainwash yourself into suddenly adoring aspects of your appearance that you’ve disliked since the third grade. Instead, pick a simple, regularly repeated thing you can do for your body as a gesture of kindness or support. For example, drink an extra glass of water every morning. Take five minutes on your lunch break to breathe deeply and do some easy, low impact stretches. Or spend extra cash on a pleasurable meal that will nutritionally benefit your health. Don’t make it about losing weight, “fixing” your appearance, or changing your body. Just acknowledge your physical self, and give that self a little emotional fist bump of friendship. The more often you do this, the more normal it will feel and the easier it will be to grow from these small gestures into a larger, more comfortable sense of goodwill towards your body.

Grant your body permission to exist as it is.