Day 8 of Project 365: Work

I had a few dreams last night about my job in the ER. I have worked the last 3 days and go in again today for a 12 hour shift. Why oh why did I have to dream about work … Continue reading

Day 7 of Project 365: 1230am

I am always in love with the colors and textures of rain. On my way home from work this morning, at 1230am, I took about 100 photos of the lights, clouds and buildings around me. I like this set particularly. … Continue reading

Day 6 of Project 365: Fat belly? Big hips?

Ugh!!!!! I want to yell out to the world, STOP THE MADNESS!!!!! Would that be copyright infringement? Wasn’t that statement used for something else? Well it is a mad mad mad mad mad world out there when women read these … Continue reading

Day 5 of Project 365: Inspiration

Sometimes you don’t know when inspiration will strike. Or rather, you don’t realize it strikes continuously 24/7. Everything I see, I am inspired by. Everything I feel, hear, breath will influence my work in the future. I created this mixed … Continue reading

Day 4 of Project 365: Reflection

See, it’s only day 4 and I already almost forgot to post. I feel like I didn’t do much all day. As I  type I am watching “Pillars of  the Earth,” looking for a TV, ordering stickers and postcards and … Continue reading

Day 3 of project 365: Bonding

Sitting at my desk, drinking Hot chocolate from my favorite mug with my favorite painting on it, my mind is on bonding. Not the usual bonding between friends or intimates, but well rather, WHY WON’T THE DAMN ARMS AND LEGS … Continue reading

Day 2 of project 365: Recent acquisitions

Since yesterday and my first post of project 365, I have  been thinking about pictures I want to share. I don’t know if there are any specific rules to the game or if I just make them up as I … Continue reading

Day 1 of project 365: Black Friday

This last year I met an amazing woman, Halsted, who writes a blog,  365 days ago, she started ‘project 365’ a daily photo diary of her world. I love this idea!! I have been thinking of doing this for … Continue reading

Questions on beauty… again

Liberated from appearance-based identity? Is this even possible?   What does it mean to challenge society’s standards of beauty?   Is it standing up against the media/corporations who cover the newsstands, televisions and advertisements with ultra thin, unhealthy looking models … Continue reading

Having a blond moment…

Bruno, 2 month old great dane- (had to share the cute puppy pic) It has been 4 months since the night of my Bald and the Beautiful performance for the Artist21 series here in Los Angeles. What a crazy and … Continue reading