“Contemplating Turing” an installation by Oberon Onmura

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Extropia%20Core/195/120/25 I am very pleased to announce a new exhibition opening January 6th at 2pm slt at Turing Gallery in Extropia Core. Second Life. Conceivably one of the most intelligent and creative artists in Second Life, Oberon produced this installation … Continue reading

Day 39 of Project 365: What I’m grateful for

Today is New Years Eve. I have already been seeing people posting what they are thankful for this past year or how it was a good or bad year. Thinking about it, I have had a wonderful year. I have … Continue reading

Day 38 of Project 365: On reading

I love books. I have tons of them. Books on artists, art history, art techniques, some fiction and a variety of other books I have collected over the years. I guess collecting is the operative word. I am not a … Continue reading

“Excess 1-44” small paintings at inexpensive prices

Small paintings at inexpensive prices. All acrylic on unstretched canvas. All signed, dated and with title. Small paintings up to 7×9 inches, Medium paintings up to 12×9 inches and Larger paintings up to 11×18 inches. Price does not include tax … Continue reading

Day 37 of Project 365: A kick in the butt!

Thankfully I am headed to work today. I spent the last day and a half practically in bed. Work is a good motivater. Maybe its the end of the year blues. Or maybe I am too hard on myself. Yep … Continue reading

Day 36 of Project 365: On motivation

I am sitting  here at my desk feeling really unmotivated, lazy and overwelmed. I have a laundry list of stuff that I should be doing: painting, gessoing, epoxying, cleaning, taking a shower, shopping for groceries, going to the museum, taking … Continue reading

Day 35 of Project 365: What is reality anyway?

At the Boxing day party last night, I was surrounded by screenwriters, writers of fiction, non fiction and erotica, video game designers, Whovians and wonderful old Hollywood souls who have lived through the various heydays of the city. While my … Continue reading

Day 34 of Project 365: Boxing Day

Just got home from a wonderful Boxing Day party at my friend Jacki’s. Her home is warm and so comforting. I had a fantastic  time and met some really fabulous new friends.We talked about Second Life, Glitch, Myst, There, virtual … Continue reading

Day 33 of Project 365: Christmas and the Doctor

Today is Christmas and the one thing I was waiting for the last few months, the Doctor Who Christmas special, aired today. Woooot!!! Watching now! I hope everyone had a wonderfully Merry Christmas!!!

Day 32 of Project 365: Merry Christmas and Luigi

Had a really lovely day celebrating Christmas early with my family and Luigi, the cute puppy with the glowing eyes. Came home, finished the mannequin and now I am exhausted and heading to bed with my electric blanket. Merry Christmas … Continue reading