Day 12 of Project 365: The Rules


Every day I am surrounded by art and inspiration. My art most definitely comes from my surroundings. Even in the ER. I often say, the ER is the least artistic place I can be, but that is where I think the most. Or maybe my mind is more clear in the ER. While I am busy at my job, I am able to be more open to art. It is hard to explain. Most of the time, the thoughts just come. I am often surprised and wonder why I hadn’t thought of that before. There was a time last April, I was sitting at work, stressing about my solo show in May, when It came to me, that I had to do a performance where I shaved my head. Just like that. I knew I had to do it. I often come home with yellow post it notes filled with ideas. Someone once told me, “well the ER keeps you grounded so you are able to open up your mind.” Probably true.

I often look at this list of Rules that I obtained when in Grad school. I follow it every day. Work work work. THE ONLY RULE IS WORK!!  (Btw, I think these rules work for everything in life!! Think about it.)

003detail  of the rules


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