Day 39 of Project 365: What I’m grateful for

Today is New Years Eve. I have already been seeing people posting what they are thankful for this past year or how it was a good or bad year. Thinking about it, I have had a wonderful year. I have so much to be grateful for. I don’t wait until the  end of the year to reflect on  it though or say thank you.

I have had this little thing  happen the last year or so. I see 11:11 or 1:11 A LOT. I can’t answer why I see it so much. Maybe my brain is accustomed to the rhythm and patterns of the numbers or as some believe it has a spiritual or mystical meaning. I don’t know for sure. But when I see it, I always say thank you. Thank you to something Universal, something bigger than myself. Maybe it is to  my Dad and Grandma who I hope are watching over me. Maybe it is to that higher power, not a God per se, but a force something that  unites us all. No matter what, I  say thank  you for my life.

I also belong to a site called happyrambles where everyday I post what I am grateful for that day. No one else sees it, but I can go back and look at past days to see what I said.

Today, I am grateful to live in this amazing city, Los Angeles. I haven’t even touched the surface of all she has to offer, but I look forward to the journey.


This last year, I am so grateful for:

  • being in recovery from an eating disorder
  • having an amazing solo show in May.
  • becoming a performance artist and shaving my head.
  • Having a little  money in my bank account.
  • #28actsofkindness
  • paying off a couple of bills
  • creating my immersive virtual installation in Second Life
  • selling some paintings
  • meeting some wonderful new people who have become friends
  • and having such amazing friends in my life
  • publishing a 2nd book
  • dancing for the first time in years
  • being in this  moment in time, living the life I lead and being the woman I am today
  • new possibilities

Thank you all so much for your love and support!! Cheers to an exciting and beautiful new year!!!


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