Day 69 of Project 365: Turning 40

Yep, today is the day. Or was. It’s almost over. At least I still have my birthday week!! Had a really nice day today. Nothing too dramatic or exciting. Delivered art to a gallery in Malibu I am showing at … Continue reading

Day 68 of Project 365: CHOCOLATE!!!

Need I say more? LOL I hired my friend, coworker and master baker, Tricia, to bake a cake for my birthday. It’s a marble cake of vanilla and chocolate in memory of my grandma who was known for her amazing … Continue reading

Day 67 of Project 365: feeling sick

It’s Monday, the first day back to work after a great art filled weekend and the beginning of my birthday week. I’m getting sick. I felt it coming on while walking the halls at work. The hot then cold feeling, … Continue reading

Day 66 of Project 365: Almost 40

Yesterday, yes Sunday, the day I forgot to post a pic to my blog, was the beginning of what I am calling my birthday week. My friend Misty had a birthday week or a whole month if I remember right. … Continue reading

Day 65 of Project 365: ART in Los Angeles!!

I just finished working a grueling 3 days in the Emergency Room. I have been so exhausted, I normally need a full day off to recover. That wasn’t too happen.  I hit the ground running today by going to see … Continue reading

Day 64 of Project 365: “Oh, lady, sorry”

Yesterday I had just got to work and was leaning in the passenger side of my car getting some stuff. This truck pulled up and an older guy rolled down the window and said, “hey buddy are you leaving?” I … Continue reading

Day 63 of Project 365: peace?

I’m at work and had to take a break and get some air. It’s a cool crisp night after the long rain last night. I needed to come out and find peace. Peace from the craziness in the ER and … Continue reading

Day 62 of Project 365: Appearances can be deceiving

I was taking a walk at work and found this sad looking bush. The flowers are hanging down and wilted. I wondered if it was the sudden shift from cold to hit that we’ve had here. A woman saw me … Continue reading

Day 61 of Project 365: Comfort Food

I soooooo needed this tonight. Met my friend Nicole at Barbara’s, our residential watering hole and had a glass of wine with my usual steak dinner. They make a mean steak!! Today was one of those days. You know, you … Continue reading

Day 60 of Project 365: My girls

When talking of “my girls,” normally people think of daughters, or best friends, or even breasts. I often refer to my mannequins turned avatars as “my girls.” Of course, I also often refer to my paintings as “my babies.” Funny … Continue reading