Day 51 of Project 365: Jane Austen

I love period films. Who can resist Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice? Persuasion with Amanda Root is probably my favorite. Love Forsyte Saga and Bleak House too. These films are a familiar comfort and I often have them on when I’m working on art or doing other tasks.

For some reason lately, I’ve been in the mood for the 1980s Masterpiece Classics versions of the Jane Austen books.


*Thinking of my Grandma tonight. She is in the hospital with Pneumonia. Get well soon Grandma!! Love you!! Xoxoxo


2 thoughts on “Day 51 of Project 365: Jane Austen

  1. I am in love with the English language, I prefer having a good drama on the TV in the background while I am working than music. Have you seen Brideshead Revisited? It is a Masterpiece from the 1980’s.

    I also am entranced by Pride and Prejudice, but prefer the earlier version to the one Mr. Firth was in. It also was a Masterpiece of the 1980’s.

  2. Hmmm I forgot, you prolly don’t recognise that name…………… Love from Pituca FairChang.

    I love the buzz!

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