Day 65 of Project 365: ART in Los Angeles!!

I just finished working a grueling 3 days in the Emergency Room. I have been so exhausted, I normally need a full day off to recover. That wasn’t too happen.  I hit the ground running today by going to see Art for virtually 9 hours straight. My friend Nicole and I hit the LA Art Show, then the LA Contemporary Art Fair and last the MAS: Attack @ LA Mart.

I was going to try to stop by my friend Marina’s party in  the middle of all this, but I was so tired and on art overload I wasn’t able to make it. I was sorry to have missed it 😦

Instead of 1 photo of the day, I am opting to show you a gallery of photos I took throughout the day. I wanted to share my favorite art pieces as well as some fun shots of the atmosphere of the day and night. Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


4 thoughts on “Day 65 of Project 365: ART in Los Angeles!!

  1. Wonderful to see a part of the LA art scene – thanks for sharing. Especially appreciated the slide show – some great work. Loved the cigarette butts and the huge chair and many other things as well. Who is the artist who painted the “circles” in so many multicolored forms? Beautiful colors.

  2. Kristine,
    I feel your pain. I did Photo LA last week, the LA Art Show on Friday, and two openings yesterday–after studio visits in Long Beach and then Laguna Beach. I was on serious art overload, too. had to come home and eat comfort food.
    BTW, I love the art image in your banner photograph. Is that one yours?
    Big hug,

    • Hi Betty,
      Yea did Photo LA last weekend too. So glad I did go to everything though!! Very much worth it!
      That piece in the banner, is the featured image from a photo I took at LA Contemporary. I loved the work. I wish it was something I did…LOL The artist is Kelsey Brookes

      I really love the gallery too. Quint Contemporary in La Jolla. Last year they featured Lee Materazzi’s photos. I think you would love them.
      Wonderful work!! I was more impressed with the work at LA Contemporary than the LA Art Fair. What did you think?

      I am off to the Opera at Laemmle theatre in Pasadena, Have a wonderful day!!

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