Day 89 of Project 365: 11:11

Yep it’s that time again.  I still see 11:11 quite a bit. I always say thank you to whoever or whatever is watching over me.  And thank you for the life I have.  I am very lucky. I’m also listening … Continue reading

Day 88 of Project 365: An upgrade

It was time to get a new phone. My poor  Incredible 2 was on its last legs. The touch screen was only working sometimes. I hated to change. I loved my Incredible 2 plus when I upgraded through Verizon Wireless, … Continue reading

Day 87 of project 365: Bliss

Had a lovely afternoon with my friend from work.  We went to Elephant Bar where I had this amazing Margarita. Not sure what else there is to say. I think the picture is worth a thousand words!

Day 86 of Project 365: I live in L.A.!!!

This morning I actually got a bunch of errands done. Not sure what came over me but I got it done!! Tonight I went to Chinatown and  took some great pics of a performance art piece I saw featuring Annie … Continue reading

Day 85 of Project 365: Life imitating Art

I was trying to find a good spot to take a picture of myself to show off my new hair color. The best spot, especially for placing my camera was behind my desk in front of my art. I was … Continue reading

Day 84 of Project 365: Valentine’s Day

If you didn’t know, today was Valentines Day. Yep. I know I know, how could you forget!? I don’t mind the day. While I don’t have a partner to share the day with, I have amazing friends who help spread … Continue reading

Day 83 of Project 365: Going to extremes

This is me, today, taken a few mins ago. I have decided to grow my hair out. I may go the extreme and grow it long. To be honest I am not sure why I am starting this new project/performance/artwork … Continue reading


( Stereotypes, judgment, criticism HAVE TO GO!!! There is no place in our society for  this. No reason AT ALL why anyone should make fun of, talk down too, snub, any other  human AT ALL!!!! This documentary is amazing!!! I … Continue reading

Day 82 of Project 365: Money vs life

I may have mentioned that when I’m at work I think A LOT! I am always writing notes on post-its and sticking them in my pockets. Here are a few from today. I overheard a person talking about how someone … Continue reading

Day 81 of Project 365: Not much

Do you ever get asked what you’re up to and normally you say, “not much?” Happens to me A LOT!! LOL Is it habit? Just something nice and considerate? Maybe I just don’t want to get into what’s REALLY going … Continue reading