Day 129 of Project 365: You complete me

Have you ever had that feeling where everything is going right in your life? Maybe for a long time you felt something was missing but you didn’t know what it was until you found it. Then all of a sudden … Continue reading

Day 128 of Project 365: Finding comfort in all shapes and sizes

My project “A comfortable skin” is coming along pretty well. I am almost done  painting  my 5th physical avatar and I’m working on my virtual avatars as we speak. I had some friends help me with a photo shoot earlier … Continue reading

Day 127 of Project 365: What a mess!

What a beautiful mess. Some people are very meticulous and precise in everything they do. I am soooo not that person. Even when I try to make a straight line or pour some paint in an exact spot my hand … Continue reading

Day 126 of Project 365: A long day

I work 12 hour shifts in the ER. While it’s a long long day is nice to work 3 days and get 4 off. Sometimes I stay indoors for my dinner. Big mistake. Big big mistake. Working inside for so … Continue reading

Day 125 of Project 365: Gardening, me?

Have I said how much I love where I live? At the Brewery there are a couple of cool community gardens. One of them is the Atrium garden right in front of my building. A couple residents have started planting … Continue reading

Day 124 of Project 365: Is this Heaven?

I went to a lovely Jewish Seder yesterday. It felt really good ‘getting back to my roots’ so to speak. While I didn’t grow up practicing any particular religion, my mom’s family is Jewish. I have studied a lot of … Continue reading

Day 123 of Project 365: Taggers and flowers

I love how people in my neighborhood outsmart the taggers. I drive by this house all the time. Every day I would see new gang tags spray painted on the walls. The next day the owner would  paint over the … Continue reading

Day 122 of Project 365: Work in progress… the girls

I am taking a break from painting for a couple of days. Well probably until Friday. I need the break. I don’t know why I am pushing myself so hard. I want to have ‘the girls’ ready for artwalk the … Continue reading

Day 121 of Project 365: Stuck

So you may have heard, or read, or seen… I am creating physical avatars that were inspired from the virtual world of Second Life. I have 2 completed and working on 3 more.I am at a point where I am … Continue reading