Day 157 of Project 365: Brewery Artwalk Spring 2013

Had an amazing time this weekend at the Brewery Artwalk. It was  exhausting but  wonderful. I met a lot of new people and even friends I have only known virtually through  Second Life or Facebook. How cool is that??? Things … Continue reading

Day 156 of Project 365: New work- my little, sumptuous, luscious pieces of life

        These are my latest paintings. Just finished them the day before artwalk. I wanted to play with  texture, depth and the idea of abundance. I wanted to lay the layers on thick and gooey. I wanted … Continue reading

Day 154 of Project 365: Organizing, cleaning, installing and planning

Today, Thursday, was my first day off to get ready for artwalk. I started to clean the space where my work would be featured and moved the Avatars downstairs. I had ideas of how I was going to display them … Continue reading

Day 153 of Project 365: Extra energy

    So with just a couple days to go before artwalk, I started some new paintings. I had these little 6×6 inch wood panel boards and decided to make some smaller pieces. Yea, as if I didn’t have enough … Continue reading

Day 152 of Project 365: A clean car makes for a…?

I finally got my car washed. At work, we have a guy who washes our cars for us. He hasn’t been there much lately so when I saw him there I was thrilled. I just haven’t had time to get … Continue reading

Day 152 of Project 365: Veggies

taken 4-22 The  Atrium garden is growing very fast. These are the amazing and huge pumpkin leaves. How cool is it to have a garden like this  right  in the middle of downtown!!??? Check out these amazing gardeners too!!!

Day 150 of Project 365: Can’t. Stop. Painting. Call. For. Help!

Yep I have a problem. I have to paint. It’s an obsession. I can’t stop! I need help! I think I need to go to AA! (Artists Anonymous) Ok so it isn’t THAT bad. But close. A therapist would have … Continue reading

Day 148 of Project 365: Gargoyles, Portos and an amazing Trio Appassionata

Last night I went to a lovely Art Soiree with my friend  Nicole. The night consisted of a trio of musicians: Cello, Violin and Pianist playing Schumann, Debussy and a amazing powerful contemporary composer Thomas Kotcheff. There were photographs on … Continue reading

Day 149 of Project 365: CHOCOLATE and Creme Brulee

Ok ok ok, I am caught up again with my Project 365 posts. Sorry I have gotten behind. I do take the pictures just haven’t had time to post them. Besides Fuzzy Navels one of my other passions lately includes … Continue reading