Day 146 of Project 365: Organizing, preparation? pffft!!!!

Yes, you read it here first. Since I am now over my damn stomach virus thingy. I have had tons more energy and felt more like myself than I have in a month. Amazingly I have actually WANTED to organize, … Continue reading

Day 145 of Project 365: Did you know next weekend artists are opening their studios for you???!!!

Yep!! The Spring 2013 Brewery Artwalk is coming up next weekend!!! You can check out the fabulous artists on the website, follow the  Facebook page and even twitter. I am actually doing all of the social media, PR and playing … Continue reading

Day 144 of Project 365: Mohawks and margaritas

Met my friends from my monthly Art Crit group at a local hipster hang out called “Mohawk Bend.” Had a really lovely time. I took my camera and passed it around and told everyone to take 1 photo. Yea right. Being the artists we are, no one could follow directions. So we each took a few photos…LOL Here is a selection…

Day 143 of Project 365: “You look great. Have you lost weight?”

So I have lost some weight. It wasn’t because I was trying. Being sick for  over 3 weeks, with hardly eating anything kinda tends to make you lose weight whether you want to or not. Anyway, I can tell. My … Continue reading

Day 142 of Project 365: Slow down and smell the flowers… or something like that.

Yesterday at work, I had to take a break and go for a walk. It is tough hanging out inside the hospital for 12 hours. I so needed to stretch my legs and get some fresh air. I walked around … Continue reading

Day 141 of Project 365: Unbearable lightness of being

          I actually haven’t read the book yet, but I  did see the  movie with Daniel Day Lewis, Juliette Binoche and Lena Olin. (I may rewatch it later after Game of Thrones :D) I think about … Continue reading

Day 140 of Project 365: Downtown L.A.

Have I told you how  much I love Downtown L.A.? I was feeling slightly better and wanted to get to the Los Angeles Center for  Digital Arts opening. One of  my videos from my solo show last May was playing … Continue reading

Day 139 of Project 365: “I’m ready for my close-up…”

Yesterday I finished painting the first 5 avatars as well as 9 other smaller paintings. Now I can rest… well a little anyway. Today a friend at the Brewery came over to professionally photograph the avatars and a bunch of … Continue reading

Day 138 of Project 365: Gracie and Kris- A conversation

Today I participated in an academic conference in the UK. No this isn’t another April  Fool’s joke. I was in the UK virtually using Second Life and Skype. For this conference I did a little performance for the real life … Continue reading