“I am so glad you are growing your hair out!” (NSFW)

Over the last couple of weeks, I have heard this quote or one similar from several different people. While I was gracious and said “Thank you” I later thought, I should have said “Fuck you.” Seriously, what does that even … Continue reading

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New mannequins for “A comfortable skin?”

On to the next step of my projects… I have been looking at new mannequins for my “A comfortable skin” project. What an arduous task. (I’ve been wanting to say arduous for a while now…LOL) What an expensive task too. … Continue reading

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The “Art” of rejection

It’s been a tough couple weeks. I have received a few different rejection notices about grants and shows that I had applied for. I know that because I put myself out there more and more I am risking being rejected … Continue reading

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Sold painting in its new home…

So at the Brewery Artwalk last weekend, I sold one of my favorite paintings “Cool as a Cucumber.” It’s always sad to see my work leave the next.  They are my babies after all but I can’t keep them all. … Continue reading

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Day ??? Of Project 365: Thanks for the memories

I wish I could tell you what day I’m on of Project 365. While I continue to take photos everyday, I’m an artist, it’s what I do…  I realized over the last week that I can’t continue on with Project … Continue reading