Day ??? Of Project 365: Thanks for the memories

I wish I could tell you what day I’m on of Project 365. While I continue to take photos everyday, I’m an artist, it’s what I do… 
I realized over the last week that I can’t continue on with Project 365. I have so much going on right now that I’m having a tough time keeping up. I need to prioritize and organize. I love posting on my blog and definitely won’t stop, it just won’t be everyday.
This has been a fun project but once the fun ended and it became a chore I think that was it time to stop.
I will for sure continue to post col art goings on about myself and exhibits I see. Plus I will continue to share my thoughts on being beautiful, being an individual and being yourself.

My last photo of this project is of some items I carry with me in my backpack. Three stones from a beach in Brighton from my trip to Europe a few years ago and the shell casing from the 21 gun salute at my dad’s funeral.
I miss you dad!!


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4 thoughts on “Day ??? Of Project 365: Thanks for the memories

  1. I’ve enjoyed keeping up with your activities and thoughts, loved the pictures – and understand fully the diff between “chore” and “fun.” Looking forward to hearing more thoughts and I love your art!

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