Is it just a number?

Seriously! How do you convince people (men and women) to throw away their scales? You don’t need them!!!! They only cause you misery!! It’s really liberating to not think about what I weigh. Yes I think about my health, but not in terms of numbers. In terms of how  I feel and live. Don’t stress yourself out over a number!

I love pictures like this…

exceptional-livingor this…



Your health (and worth) is not determined by numbers on a scale. You are beautiful just the way you are!!!



One thought on “Is it just a number?

  1. I haven’t weighed myself in nearly twenty years. And until a doctor tells me it’s absolutely necessary for my health, I won’t. People regularly boggle at the concept. But I KNOW when I need to lose or gain weight. I can *feel* it when I need more or less exercise, more or less food (or different food). Doesn’t mean I like it. 😉 But I don’t need scales for that.

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