“I have a confession: I’m a wannabe minimalist.

And I use the term wannabe loosely because this minimalism thing? It’s a work in progress. I’m not a minimalist. But I deeply strive to live with less.

I know. It sounds crazy. Less stuff? What type of person on earth wants less stuff? The natural tendency is to accumulate. It’s weird and unconventional to not want more. We’re taught to always strive for more. Buy the bigger home, acquire more friends and followers, log more hours, and get more money and power. But where does this really get us? And how does this make a positive impact on humanity? How can we derive meaning from less when the focus is always on more?” Huffingpost Women Aug 19, 2013


I just read this article this morning and thought, YES!!!

I am going against the natural tendency to accumulate. I DO NOT want more. I don’t need a big screen TV or expensive car or big house. I am happy with my small space, minimal clothes and not much money. I hate the idea of power. It causes people to do awful awful things. (A lot of people anyway)

I am so very happy with the friends I have. The relationships I have formed. The smiles and laughter around  me. I love conversation, music, connections. None of this stuff is tangible. None of it is material. None of it is based on consumption but in sharing.

This is a great question:

“How do we derive meaning from less when the focus is always on more?”

Hence “Binge and Purge.”

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