Support your local artists!! Buy art for the Holidays!!


In October I opened my studio for the 3rd time for the Brewery Artwalk. As always it was such an amazing experience. I met so many new people, caught up with long time friends and made great connections for myself and the Brewery Artwalk Association. Oh did I tell you? I am now the President of the Brewery Artwalk Association!!!

Help me raise money to continue my project “A comfortable skin.” I want to buy 11 more mannequins, plus size/full figured women to make an installation of beautiful women. I am applying for grants but because I can’t count on those, I would like to sell my art to help raise money. Have you seen my video “A comfortable skin?” 


Check out the “Little Abstracts” which are the little paintings made from the excess drips from the Avatars. My newest works, the mixed media pieces, other assorted paintings and even the Avatars…




Mixed media pieces 12×12 inches on cradled panel board $200 each


Little Abstracts, Big Personalities (This is the remaining inventory of little abstracts)

Perfect for gift giving!!

All framed, signed and dated

$40 each

2 for $70

3 for $90

4 for $100

5 for $120


The Avatars

Lila Rhiadra $2000

Maggie Dezno $2100

Sophie Allegiere $1900

Paige Adagio $2100

Zoe Pegasi $1900


Drip paintings also created from the Avatars

12×12 inch on cradled panel board $200

12×24 inch on cradled panel board $400


Other paintings…

Inquire about pricing


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