Wherefore ‘Art’ thou?

Art? What art? Anything new you ask? Nada. Zip, zilch, nada. I have tons of ideas in my head, written down on various pieces of paper around my studio, but nothing tangible. Nothing physical to show for it.

I know, I know… I KNOW, that I need to work. I just need to create. I don’t know what is stopping me. Work, money, life?

Why am I procrastinating? Where is my motivation, my inspiration?

I need to clean my studio. Oh wait, is that a form of procrastination?


I am kinda lost in the creativity void right now. Maybe too many administrative things? Maybe Saturday night gallery openings will help with the inspiration.

My view today…


3 thoughts on “Wherefore ‘Art’ thou?

  1. Clean your studio. While you are cleaning, think up art ideas. IMPORTANT: write them ALL down as they come to you, no matter how bad/wrong/stupid they may sound. Once you finish cleaning, look over your list and pick ONE idea and fully execute it. Report your outcome to our art group meeting next week.

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