Day ??? Of Project 365: Thanks for the memories

I wish I could tell you what day I’m on of Project 365. While I continue to take photos everyday, I’m an artist, it’s what I do…  I realized over the last week that I can’t continue on with Project … Continue reading

Day 145 of Project 365: Did you know next weekend artists are opening their studios for you???!!!

Yep!! The Spring 2013 Brewery Artwalk is coming up next weekend!!! You can check out the fabulous artists on the website, follow the  Facebook page and even twitter. I am actually doing all of the social media, PR and playing … Continue reading

Day 144 of Project 365: Mohawks and margaritas

Met my friends from my monthly Art Crit group at a local hipster hang out called “Mohawk Bend.” Had a really lovely time. I took my camera and passed it around and told everyone to take 1 photo. Yea right. Being the artists we are, no one could follow directions. So we each took a few photos…LOL Here is a selection…

KRISTINE SCHOMAKER: A Comfortable Skin -a new little film by Eric Minh Swenson

I am so excited to introduce this new little short film about me and my art.

Film by Eric Minh Swenson. Music by Paul Kwo

A Comfortable Skin documents how Kristine Schomaker uses avatars as a vehicle to bring more attention to the obsession society has with physical appearance.

Kristine Schomaker is a new media and performance artist, painter and art historian living and working at the Brewery artist complex in Los Angeles California. She received her BA in Art History and her MA in Studio Art from California State University at Northridge. For over 14 years, she has been working with various interdisciplinary art forms including online virtual worlds to explore notions of online identity and the hybridization of digital media with the physical world.

Whether physical or virtual, the object-based work Kristine creates combines elements of color-based gestural abstraction, animation, pattern and design, neo-Baroque and Populence. Using installation, text,
photography, mixed media, video and performance for her ongoing conceptual project My Life as an Avatar, she visualizes a narrative/dialogue with her virtual persona, Gracie Kendal.

In early 2012, Kristine turned an art gallery into a re-creation of Gertrude Stein’s salon and held a mixed reality performance/dinner party at the opening. Over the summer she also performed The Bald and the Beautiful in which she had her head shaved as a statement to challenge society’s standards of beauty.

Kristine documents her experiences as an avatar on ber blog and she has published four books on her new media work. She has an active life in the arts, previously teaching art history at Antelope Valley College and Pasadena City College, forming an artist collective in the Los Angeles area, organizing and curating numerous art exhibitions and she is a member of the Los Angeles Art Association, Southern California Women’s Caucus for Art, College Art Association and Siggraph.

For more info on Eric Minh Swenson or project inquiries visit his website :

Ce n’est pas une peinture… Closing party Sunday Feb 24th 11am slt/pst

Please join me this Sunday for the closing party of Ce n’est pas une peinture, my LEA Artist in residence installation. PJ Trenton took some wonderful photos the other day of my interview with Rowan Derryth. Check them out on … Continue reading

Rain in LA stays mainly in the brain?

It actually rained a bit today if you can believe it. We desperately need it so, YAY!! (This is just a gratuitous post because its 10-11-12…LOL) Loving Instagram btw! I’m also working on my website by combining my blog with … Continue reading

Day what???

Ok so you know how in the last post I said I was going to  start posting every day???

Well, ummm yea. That worked. I actually forgot…LOL  You can  blame it on Grimm, or Sherlock, or Game of Thrones… or painting. Yes, yes, that’s it. Everything but me…LOL

Oh well. So This  isn’t going to be a 365 day project. Life goes on.

It’s funny. A friend on Facebook posted a great quote today. It fits perfect, don’t you think? “Renew, release, let go. Yesterday’s gone. There’s nothing you can do to bring it back. You can’t “should’ve” done something. You can only DO something. Renew yourself. Release that attachment. Today is a new day!”
— Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

A couple thoughts of my studio… Where the magic happens. Well some of the time 🙂

Now what??? Day 1

So now what?

I finished the 1000+ Avatars project and my mixed reality installation of “And one man in his time plays many parts.” Now what? It is the end  of an era of sorts. I have also decided to move out of my home in Second Life too. As much as I love my home and I love the community I live in, I just can’t afford it  right now. I feel this is a good time for change. I am actually excited about the freedom I will have of  being a hobo. As I was recently reminded, do you know what hobo means? “Homeward Bound.” Although I am letting go of my home in Second Life, I think this will help me find my center, my home within myself. It is a great thing.

I started painting again. I haven’t really painted much in a couple years. I missed it. I needed it.

I have been thinking of doing the 365 days of blog posts thingy. I have some friends who are doing it and  I love reading their blogs. Their goings on, etc. Of course I did this with the Gracie Kendal Project 3 years ago. I only got to 159 days though. Although I learned so much about myself at the time… I still have a way to go. I am in a much better place in my life, but still struggling with my eating disorder and self confidence.

So if I start the 365 days of posts thingy, today is day 1. I think this will be good for me actually. It will be cathartic. It will be my sketchbook/journal/notebook. Especially for The Gracie Kendal Project which is  now called “Gracie and the Real Girl.” This is still an ongoing project that will continue as long as is needed.

I have ideas for new mixed reality performances which I will be working on implementing so that is exciting. For now let’s see where this goes. Where it continues. Where the next path takes me. See you along the way!!