So It has been a crazy busy time for me. I just moved to a new loft…


I am reconnecting with good friends…


I picked up the Avatars from the Beverly Hills Gallery. So glad to have the girls safe at home…LOL

001(Left to Right: Sophie Allegiere, Paige Adagio, Lila Rhiadra, Maggie Dezno and Zoe Pegasi) All for sale from between $1500-$1900.


I am also working on some new pieces. Right now I have to put any new Avatars on hold until I can get enough money to have them made. In the meantime I had to work on something else. I decided to play around with the mixed media work I did previously…

And my newest piece…

121(“One Way” 12×12 inches mixed media on cradled panel board)

I am going to keep going with these and play around and see what happens.

Hope you have a wonderful week!!!

Second Life: A Global Art Community….

Hi my friends. Wanted to Say Happy New Years!!!

Wanted to run something by you and see if I can get some helpful advice. I am going to be writing my Masters Thesis in Art History, on Art in Second Life. I would love some feedback. Here is a brief explanation of what I am thinking….

This study examines the global online art community of Second Life and discusses the diverse artists and artwork as a motivating force in todays postmodern artworld. This art community shares many similar traits with 1920’s behemian Paris, where artists converged in collaborative art scene….
Whether Second Life thrives and evolves or has a virtual death, the here and now of these artists is real. They strive to create, to collaborate, to experience, and explore. As Artists have done for centuries, they continue to use the tools that are available, technology that pushed boundaries.